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True, the Internet is a modern, must-have medium for communicating, offering services and doing research, and even if you’re not a computer expert, you can still find your way around the Internet. However, with computer networks, hard- and software as well as cloud-based data storage, there are companies who don’t have an IT department and who prefer to outsource to a 3rd party vendor.

The best web services agency will always have access to top of the line technology to ensure your business never falls behind the competition.

Who We Are

A company such as ours, Amakho Web Services understands that hiring and training IT staff can be a costly procedure. Organizations that try to do all their own IT services themselves often have higher costs. This is because they want the right, skilled people which their own company may not have.

It doesn’t take much surfing on the Internet to discover that every business that wants to succeed, big or small, has a presence on the web. A home page is important for any business as it is looked upon as a starting point for accessing information about the business and its offerings. This is where some of our services come in.

Some of our Web Services

• A website and its design are super important because, without a good website, a business stands to lose customers. With our creative web services, we’re able to create a cool website with the best layout, graphics and text for your offerings taking care to make the website easily navigable.

Offering web development services, our job is to create websites and to do coding in such a way that your website becomes 100% functional, encouraging visitors to your site to linger and actually take action.

• As website developers, we make sure your site is easy to look at, that the content is organized logically and that items are quick to download. When you work with an outsourced agency such as ours, you’ll find that we often have more experience in design than an in-house department. This is because web design is most times the main activity of ours and we’re able to put together cutting-edge websites.

• We do search engine optimisation too because we understand this plays a huge role in the success of a website. We have broad knowledge on SEO, and we design and build websites with search engine rankings in mind. So while we are capable of building excellent websites, we make sure they are search engine friendly too.

• We know our customers have lots of computer questions and we offer troubleshooting steps for computer hard- and software and operating systems. On our website you can see some steps that should be taken while troubleshooting a computer.

If you want to create a corporate web site that explains exactly what you’re about, there are certain questions you want answered – who will be responsible for hosting your web site, what image will your clients perceive when they visit your website and how interactive should the website be?

At Amakho Web Services we can give you a clear idea of the information you need to make available to your clients. If you’re ready to create your website, we’re here to help you put your pages on the Internet and make a success of things.